Stewardess Christie bags another cock pt. 3


Fucking this guy is just the ticket, lots and lots of stiff hard cock up my wet pussy. "Go on then, ram it right up to the hilt". You know what I like, and it's rough hard sex.

To finish off I get back on my knees and let him wank his juices all over my pretty face, making sure I catch a load in my mouth because I just love the tast of hot seman


Stewardess Christie bags another cock pt. 2

Now that my eyes are watering from deepthroating that fat cock, lets head to the bed where I can enjoy more prick sucking, and you can eat my pussy while we're here as well.

That's it, get that tongue deep inside my cunt, lick up all thoses flowing juices and wet my ass while you're there, its gonna need some lubrication later on, if you get my drift.

You don't mind if I sit on your cock now do you? Thought not.

Mmmmm, fuck that feels bloody great !




Stewardess Christie bags another cock pt. 1

Just off a long haul flight from Hong Kong and again I'm dying for cock. Not just any cock, the one I was sucking in the First class toilet and had to stop because the seat belt sign came on.

Well lets get the hunk up to my room and carry on where I left off, with his knob deep down my throat.



Jerk off instruction.

You need me to take you in hand? You want my soft tiny fingers and manicured painted nails to wrap around your cock?

Well come closed to the screen, pretend that I am masturbating you, all the time listening to what I say, do exactly as I do, and feel the explosion at the end when you empty your load all over my tits.


Private show for you.

So you want to see me strip do you? You want me to bend over and part my pussy lips so you can see right inside of me? You want what!! For me to get on the bed and finger my hole till she is wet, then slide my toy deep inside of me while I gasp for breath wishing it was your cock?
Well of course I can do that, but only if you promise to close the door, turn the volume down so that your wife doesn't hear, and masturbate until all of that creamy mess comes uzing out of your cock and into my mouth


Jacuzzi fun on roof top in Miami

We have this fabulous hotel room in Miami with a jacuzzi on the roof. So it would be wrong of us not to make use of it and make porn!!!

First I have a little fun on my own with my toy in the water then I invite hubby in to get his cock well and truly sucked

Hubby's mate comes round to fuck me part 1

Hubby was out shopping when dave came around to see him. I invite him in for coffee and before I know it he pulls me to him and rips my towel off, snuggles his lips arond my tits and well, what's a girl to do. I drop to my knees and start sucking his cock, that's what.

Hubbys mate comes to fuck me part 2

Well Dave just scoops me up and throws me on the bed.We do some really nice 69 then he pounds me in ways that hubby can't or won't . He finishes off shooting his load into my mouth and like a good girl I swallow the lot.


Morning Pleasure

I often wake up gaging for a fuck, but hubby has gone to work early so what's a girl to do.

Luckly I have a nice soft touch and a vibrating toy to get myself off with.

Sit back and watch, you can always join in as well.



Secretary Interview part 3


Now I pull out my trump card, my big oily tits and tight pussy for my prospective boss to enjoy. And to make sure I seal the deal I let him fuck my ass and shoot his load inside me.

Jobs mine I think


Secretary interview pt.2

Now that I have his attention lets recline to the bed. I intend to get this job, and showing off my deep throat skills should go a long way to doing that.

Mmmm, 69, just what the boss ordered. Grinding my pussy into his face while swallowing his cock, nice one.

Oil my tits up and let me slide along your cock with my big breasts.


Secretary interview pt.1

I recently applied for a PA job for a very high flying executive. The remuneration package was fantastic. Large salary, fancy business lunches, international travel, that sort of thing.

The problem was that I didn't have a bloody clue how to take dictation or any of the other boring duties. But what I did posses was the ability to make men melt at my feet. So when things weren't going to well in the interview I got my tits out, pulled my dildo out of my bag, and proceeded to inform the boss why he should employ me.



Fucking while on holiday

Again left to my own devices while hubby works on a project, I get rather tipsy while sunbathing at our hotel. Horny, fed up, and in need of cock inside me I march up to the room and demand he fucks the daylights out of me. I love sex, I let him do things that I wouldn't normally and afterwards I feel so naughty.


Stewardess fucks hunky passenger

Stewardess Christie has just finished her shift on the Virgin long haul flight. Tired yet horny she gets out her trusty bullet vibro that goes everywhere with her.

While frigging herself she remembers that the hunky guy in business class that kept rubbing past her stuffed his phone number down her bra.

Hmmm, lets give him a ring and fuck his brains out.


Webcamming in my garden pt. 1

There is nothing I love more in the summer than to get my webcam out in the garden and do some alfresco camming. Oiling up my body for you horny guys makes me all wet, and when I'm wet I get really naughty.

Watch me do a real show for a client, fucking my pussy with my trusty dildo with baby oil all over my toned body.

  Webcamming in my garden pt. 2

Guy who saw me on internet gets to fuck me pt2


So he has camera in hand, lets show him how a porn star fucks. I also give him a treat and let him fuck my tight bum hole


Guy who saw me on internet gets to fuck me pt1


I was having a break in Tenerife when I came accross a guy who recognised me from my Internet and TV porn work. He invited me into his flat, plyed me with drink, and before you know it I was offering to make a porn film with him. TBH I couldn't wait to get his cock into my mouth.


Punter wears spyglasses to capture our meeting pt. 2

I mananged to find out he was wearing spy glasses and he promised that if I was good he would give me a copy.

Well one thing I am good at is taking cock up my ass. So I begged him to stuff my butt hole and he did, good and proper.


Punter wears spyglasses to capture our meeting pt. 1

I Did an outcall to a hotel unaware of the fact that the punter was wearing a pair of spyglasses. He filmed the whole fucking thing. Watch what we get up to in part 1


Client takes me on cruise if I fuck him part2

Well what a cruise this is turning out to be. I get fucked doggy, I ride his big cock, and to finish he stuffs my ass and fills it full of cum while I play with my clit


Client takes me on cruise if I fuck him pt.1

I had an offer at work last week. One of our clients has been trying to get into my knickers for some time, (mind I fancy him anyway) He says that if he can fuck me once a day while we are away he will take me on an all expenses paid cruise with top wines and fine dining.

Well who would turn that down, and to be honest I would have let him screw me anyway. So here we are, having fantastic sex in our suite aboard the NCL Pearl.


Horny MILF seduces her doctor pt. 3

I need him inside my pussy. Riding him till I cum. Now my ass is crying out for cock, so he bends me over, stuffs my butt hole with his meat and cums right up my shitter.


Horny MILF seduces her doctor pt. 2


After getting my pussy well ant truely licked, he asks me to get onto all fours so he can examine my ass, with his tongue and fingers of course!! I got a feeling that he's planning on sticking something else up there later, but for now all I can think of is having his hard cock deep down my throat.


Posh woman and Builder.

I was on my way to a meeting and got into the lift with this rough old builder. There must have been something about him because I found myself looking him up and down, dreaming of his rough hands all over me, shoving his cock deep into my mouth treating me like a slut, then bending me over and fucking me doggy like some whore. Good job it was only a dream because I wouldn't be seen dead with a builder!!


Nurse Christie goes solo part 3

Now that I have had my fill of fake cock I want the real thing. Something warm inside my cunt, filling her up till she gets red and swollen. So who better than the camera man, he's been filming me with a hard on for the past half hour so he should be full of spunk

He rams me doggy and when he's ready to shoot I want it up my ass, lots and lots of jizz running out of my bum sounds like my idea of heaven.


Nurse Christie goes solo part 2

Well now that my fingers and magic wand have done their job I think I need something stronger, and what better than my new fucking machine. So I stick a big dick on the end and crank it up. Mmmmm, fuck that's out of this world. No having to pretend to climax, it doesn't talk back, it doesn't run out of steam, what's not to like!!


Nurse Christie goes solo part 1

Watch as I have some fun with my fingers and my new Magic Wand. Boy does that thing hit the spot!!!


Allotment Slut part 1

Down on my allotment I am king, and anyone who trespasses onto my property will get fucked. As this random chap found out when he just stopped by to chat about the weather and plants. I get fucking horny when I am gardening, and in a flash I had him in my shed with his head buried deep into my cunt, then tonguing my ass.
I wanted his cock in my mouth, and I aimed to get it. so I flipped him on his back and took his manhood all the way down my throat.


Allotment Slut part 2

Now that his cock is nice and hard I need to slide it into my pussy. So I sit on him and pump away like a pro. Now being a country girl I tend to get dirty, and what could be dirtier than having his cock stuffed up my ass!! So he bends me over the chair and gives my ass a good stuffing, now that's better, the hornier I get, the fucking filthier I like it. When he's ready to cum he slips it out of my ass and I suck him dry.  


Horny MILF seduces her doctor pt. 1

I'd always fancied my doctor, and today was the day I was going to have him. I made an appoijtment with some made up ailment and no sooned was I in the room than my kit was off, I was on my back and his tongue was firmly licking my pussy


Satisfying myself after shoot

I love filming days, they make me so fucking horny, so when the day is done I can relax and tend to my own needs. A good hard toying my pussy usually does the trick


Morning sex part 2

Sitting on his cock like this I can get all of him up me no probs. Plus it looks fucking hot doesn't it.


Morning sex part 1

Hubby and I stayed at a nice hotel last week and we decided to make a sexy film of us haveing sex in the morning. Here is part 1


Secret Liason part 2

One thing my boyfriend loves seeing is me playing with myself, which I also enjoy because it gets my cunt ready for his cock, begging she is by the time I've fingered her wet. So it's many hours of fucking, sucking and licking before he shoots his load all over my ass.


Secret Liason part 1

Keeping appointments with my secret lover is getting very to be very dangerous, but at the same time extremely arousing. Hubby is sure that I am seeing someone so I have to be very careful, but that makes it even more delicious. When I meet my lover in the hotel I cant 't wait to get his cock into my mouth and give him the best blow job he has ever had.


Peeping Tom Plumber part 2

Shit, he's fucking caught me having a fiddle in the bath. Oh well, it was him I was thinking about so now that I have the real thing I might as well make the most of him. "Come over here then and stick that cock in my mouth"!!


Peeping Tom Plumber part 1

I was having some alterations to my bathroom and there was a really hunky plumber working for me. When he finished for the day I couldn't wait to hop into a nice warm bath and sooth away the day,as well as have a sneaky ply with my clit thinking of what I would do with Mr. Plumber's cock.

Little did I know that he had made a bloody hole in the wall and he was watching me while I frigged my pussy. Well actually I saw him as the hole was big enough to drive a truck through, but hell, lets put on a show for him.


Cheating wife part 4

I now let my lover do something that hubby never gets to do, I let him fuck my ass, so dirty only my lover has the right to enter me that way. I love having his cock pounding away at my butt hole!!


Cheating wife Part 3

Now we are into our stride, he takes me doggy, I sit on him, he spreads my legs wide to enter me, he even closes my legs and fucks me that way, what an experience that was, never felt a cock so tight in my pussy before.


Cheating wife caught on hidden cameras part 2

I am sucking my man for all I'm worth, deep throating his cock while he licks my pussy. I love this, it makes me so fucking horny that I always cum while doing it. So with cock down my throat I shudder with pleasure and squirt all over the gardner's face, fucking dirty girl!!!


Cheating wife caught on hidden cameras pt 1

I have been having a hot affair with our gardner and didn't think hubby suspected anything. Well I was wrong, he went away on business but before going he set up 3 hidden cameras in our bedroom. As soon as he left me and the gardner were at it like rabbits, all caught on film!!

Hubby now wants a divorce and is threatening to leave me penny less. Have a look at the film and see if I can wangle my way out.


Christie enjoys baking

Spending my days all alone baking nice bread for my hubby gets me horny, well anything get me horny but that beside the point!!

I start dreaming what it would be like if he came home early one day just to give me a good fucking, laying me up onto the counter, opening my pussy, filling it with whipped cream and licking it all out, mmmm, fuck, now I am all wet just writing this, just watch the film and enjoy having a good wank over my body.


Insurance saleswoman pt. 3

Now to make sure I get the sale I let him fuck my ass. Not such a big deal, I love having my backside pounded anyway.

Before I let him in there I want some more of that cock to suck first, and while gobbling down his manhood I frig my pussy at the same time, always makes me cum when my gob is stuffed with man meat.


Insurance Saleswoman part 2

Ok following on from me being face fucked, now I want to be pussy fucked. I love riding cock, I can determine the depth and speed, as well as give the guy just the right angle for sucking my tits!!


Insurance saleswoman pt. 1

Christie's the name, and selling insurance is my game. I am the top earner at my firm and I intend to keep it that way.

This client is playing hard to get, let's show him my secret weapon, my soft mouth and big tits.That's it, shove that cock to the back of my throat, watch me gag on it. Tears in my eyes, loving the feeling of my face being used.



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