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Welcome to my world of pleasure and pain. I am Mistress Zena, I live and work as a Professional Dominatrix in Nottingham. I have been involved as a fem dom for sometime, and have honed my skills to perfection. If you are after the sensory and physical joys of Nottingham's premier fem dom, then call me respectfully on 07954 663993 or email me at to arrange a session. Now enter my site to find out about the world of domination in Nottingham, you have been warned that this site contains material and images of a very erotic nature, depicting domination, dominatrix, and the fem dom ethos.

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I am Mistress Zena, Nottingham's finest Dominatriix, I want to show you that the world of Domination in Nottingham can be a continuing exploration for the experienced, and need not be intimidating for the novice .
Lets get this straight, I am not into tie and tease, if that is what you are after then it would be better to look elsewhere. I'm more than happy to tie, however the tease aspect will be via you catching a glimpse of My flesh, or the touch of my hand as I fit some piece of equipment to parts of your anatomy for my pleasure! I am a dominant sexual deviant and predator. An extremely confident, competent, deliverer of the skill, yet calm and personable. I never shout as I prefer the "speak quietly, carry a big stick" approach. I'm happy to allow a little banter with the nervy! Don't be fooled by my sweet smile and glamorous look-As a sadist by nature I am driven by my enjoyment of inflicting pain, unwaveringly. Not a pain lover? no problem. I derive enormous gratification from showing you my skills with an enormous variety of toys, gadgets, equipment and furniture that I have collected over many years.

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